Meet the Author/Illustrator

Vivi Escrivá

Portrait of Vivi Escriv‡

Vivi Escrivá has worked with Alma Flor Ada on many other books. They made an alphabet book in Spanish. They have worked together on folktales about a mosquito, a butterfly, and a cow, and about how the rainbow came to be. Vivi Escrivá has also written a book about a boy and a dragon no one else can see.

Create your own alphabet book in English, in Spanish, or both! Write each letter of the alphabet. Then write at least one word that begins with that letter and draw a picture for each word. Share your alphabet book with your friends and family.

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Other Books Illustrated by Vivi Escrivá

  • Abecedario de los animales
    (written by Alma Flor Ada)
  • After the Storm/Después de la tormenta
    (written by Alma Flor Ada)
  • How the Rainbow Came to Be/Cómo nació el arco iris
    (written by Alma Flor Ada)
  • In the Cow's Backyard/La hamaca de la vaca
    (written by Alma Flor Ada)
  • The Song of the Teeny-Tiny Mosquito/El canto del mosquito
    (written by Alma Flor Ada)

Other Books Written and Illustrated by Vivi Escrivá

  • Olmo and the Dragon