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Warren Faidley

Portrait of Warren Faidley

Warren Faidley is the world's only full-time storm-chasing photographer and journalist. His images of dangerous weather appear in books, advertisements, and magazines. He often talks about severe weather on television and radio and also worked on the movie Twister. His "Storms" calendar is so popular that it sells out every year.

Faidley's work helps groups such as the Red Cross to develop safety plans and raise money to help victims of storms and other dangerous weather. Members of Faidley's storm-chasing team often serve as volunteer severe-weather "spotters," reporting information to the National Weather Service and local Emergency Management agencies.

Do you think storm-chasing would be fun, or terrifying, or a little of both? Find a partner and discuss the best and worst parts of Warren Faidley's job.

Warren Faidley
You can learn more about Warren Faidley at his Web site.

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    (written by Stephen Kramer)