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Douglas Henderson

Portrait of Douglas Henderson

Douglas Henderson loved to draw dinosaurs in elementary school. Still, he says, "After grade school, apart from doodles in the margins of notebooks, dinosaurs and drawing were put away for a long time." Years later, when he became an avid hiker, Henderson began to draw the landscapes and natural scenes around him. He would soon merge the subjects of these separate drawing periods in a career as an illustrator.

Henderson began to work for several paleontologists. They wanted him to illustrate what prehistoric times might have been like, using scientific information obtained from fossils and rocks. "And so, by a long circle," Henderson says, "I had returned to drawing dinosaurs." He enjoys taking basic scientific ideas and incorporating them into illustrations so that nonscientific people can understand them and appreciate the prehistoric past.

Each of Douglas Henderson's illustrations is created through a long, painstaking process. The illustration is planned slowly so that he can be sure that the details he uses are accurate. Along the way, he says the picture gets "pushed and pulled" in different directions until it takes its final shape.

Douglas Henderson
You can find out more about Douglas Henderson at his Web site.

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