Meet the Author

Angela Johnson

Portrait of Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson writes picture books, poems, and novels. Before she became a writer, she liked to work with children. She was a baby sitter for a while. She worked at a summer camp and at a day-care center too.

Ideas for picture books come to Angela Johnson suddenly, and she has to write the stories down right away. When a story is done, she sends it to her editor. She doesn't see the illustrator's pictures until the book is finished!

Angela Johnson's books are about families. Think of a special time that you spent with your family. Write a short story about that time. Add pictures to help tell your story. Share your work with your family and friends.

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Other Books Written by Angela Johnson

  • Shoes Like Miss Alice's
    (illustrated by Ken Page)
  • Down the Winding Road
    (illustrated by Shane W. Evans)
  • Daddy Calls Me Man
    (illustrated by Rhonda Mitchell)
  • One of Three
    (illustrated by David Soman)
  • Do Like Kyla
    (illustrated by James E. Ransome)