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Argentina Palacios

Portrait of Argentina Palacios

Argentina Palacios has worked with words in many different ways. After she moved to the United States from Panama, where she was born, she taught Spanish in Austin, Texas. Later she moved to New York City, where she became a book editor. In addition, she has translated children's books from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English, and she has written stories in both languages.

Palacios is also widely known as a storyteller. She likes to tell stories from the Spanish-speaking lands of Central and South America and the Caribbean, especially humorous folktales that feature wise and foolish people and animals. Palacios has also published two such tales, The Llama's Secret and The Hummingbird King.

Argentina Palacios has used her knowledge of Spanish and the Spanish-speaking world in a variety of ways. Think of a topic, a language, or an activity that you know a lot about. How many ways can you think of to share that knowledge with other people? Talk over your thoughts with a friend.

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Other Books Written by Argentina Palacios

  • The Llama's Secret: A Peruvian Legend
    (illustrated by Charles Reasoner)
  • The Hummingbird King: A Guatemalan Legend
    (illustrated by Felipe Davalos)
  • Viva Mexico! The Story of Benito Juarez and Cinco De Mayo
    (illustrated by Howard Berelson)
  • Adventures of Don Quixote
    (illustrated by Miguel De Don Quixote Cervantes Saavedra and Thea Kliros)