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Jan Parr

Portrait of Jan Parr

When she was about eight years old, Jan Parr wrote a newspaper containing news from her neighborhood and her own drawings. She sold it for five cents. Parr says that reading a great deal has always helped her think like a writer: "When I'm reading a lot, I walk around 'writing' in my head. I've always done that. So if I'm walking down the street, I hear, 'She was walking down the street.'"

In her career, Parr leads a double life. In one part, she writes children's books. In the other part, she uses her many years of experience in journalism to edit and write for magazines for adults. Although these are two very different kinds of writing, she thinks they have some important things in common. "In both, you need to be clear, to the point, and direct," says Parr.

Jan Parr has advice for kids who think they would like to be writers: "Read! It's important to read as much good stuff as possible. And you must write. Keep a journal. Write something in it every day, even if it's just one line. Write about not just who you rode bikes with but about a patch of pretty flowers you saw or something funny your uncle said. Get it down. Get in the habit of noticing things and recording them." If you were to open your journal at this very moment, what would you write about?

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