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Seymour Simon

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Seymour Simon never met a science subject he didn't like. He has written more than 200 science books for kids on almost every subject under the sun. He also created the Einstein Anderson series of stories. All his books, fiction and nonfiction alike, reflect Simon's fascination with learning and discovery.

As a kid, Simon loved animals and was a huge fan of science fiction magazines. That led to an interest in astronomy and technology, and then many other kinds of science as well. After college, he spent 23 years as a science teacher. Teaching, he says, was the best possible way to learn how to write for kids.

Simon writes and photographs from his house in Great Neck, New York, where he lives with his wife, Joyce.

Read this quote from Seymour Simon, and then discuss it with a partner. Do you ever look this closely at nature and the world around you? Does it fill your head with questions too? Share some of the things you've wondered about.

"Taking a walk and really looking, listening, and feeling the world around you can be a strange experience. You begin to observe things you never paid much attention to. You've seen clouds, trees, rocks and machines thousands of times before, but now you begin to wonder about them. Does that dark cloud mean it's going to rain? Why do some leaves turn red in the fall, while others turn yellow? What kind of rock has glittery little specks in it? How can a heavy thing like an airplane fly?"

Seymour Simon
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