Meet the Illustator

Joel Spector

Portrait of Joel Spector

When Joel Spector was 12, he and his family came to the United States from Havana, Cuba, and settled in New York City. He lived there most of his adult life as well. Since 1990, however, he has lived in Connecticut with his wife and four children.

Joel Spector says that as a young person he always knew his life would be involved in art. When he discovered that an artist can earn a living as an illustrator, he was sure that career was right for him.

Look again at the illustrations for Where the Red Fern Grows. What details about Billy Colman's life can you learn from the pictures? What items in the illustrations do you recognize from your own life?

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Other Books Illustrated by Joel Spector

  • Laurel the Woodfairy
    (written by Cassie Kendall)
  • Laurel and the Lost Treasure
    (written by Cassie Kendall)
  • Laurel Rescues the Pixies
    (written by Cassie Kendall)
  • Laurel and the Sprites' Mischief
    (written by Cassie Kendall)