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Jane Yolen

Portrait of Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen lives in Massachusetts and in Scotland. She is both an author and a storyteller. She has written over 200 books, as well as poems, folktales, songs, and plays. While in school, Jane Yolen loved getting gold stars for her writing. Today, she keeps her ideas for new stories in a special idea file. She has so many ideas that she'll be writing stories for a long, long time!

  • Jane Yolen has been called "America's Hans Christian Andersen." Hans Christian Andersen, who lived in Denmark, was a famous writer of fairy tales.
  • Jane Yolen's great-grandfather was a teller of tales in his Finno-Russian village.

Jane Yolen
At her own Web site, Jane Yolen answers questions kids often ask her.

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Other Books Written by Jane Yolen

  • Piggins and the Royal Wedding
    (illustrated by Jane Dyer)
  • The Emperor and the Kite
    (illustrated by Ed Young)
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole
    (illustrated by Kathryn Brown)
  • King Long Shanks
    (illustrated by Victoria Chess)
  • Raising Yoder's Barn
    (illustrated by Bernie Fuchs)
  • A Sip of Aesop
    (illustrated by Karen Barbour)
  • Commander Toad in Space
    (illustrated by Bruce Degen)
  • Letting Swift River Go
    (illustrated by Barbara Cooney)
  • Welcome to the Ice House
    (illustrated by Laura Regan)
  • Owl Moon
    (illustrated by John Schoenherr)