Meet the Illustrator

Kevin Beilfuss

Portrait of Kevin Beilfuss

Kevin Beilfuss grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois, and loved playing outdoors. When he was forced to stay indoors, however, he used his imagination. One thing he did was copy cartoon strips. He considers this pastime the first step toward his art career. As time when on, he also noticed that he did better in art than in any other subject at school, so he enrolled in an art school in Chicago to develop his skills further.

Beilfuss admires the work of the illustrators Chris Van Allsburg, Carter Goodrich, and N. C. Wyeth. To young people who want to become artists, he advises, "Draw, draw, draw! Have fun and enjoy what you are doing."

Look again at the illustrations for The View from Saturday. How does the artist convey the characters' feelings through the expressions on their faces? Share your thoughts with a friend.

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