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Edward Myers

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Ever since he was very young, Edward Myers has loved to travel. Although he spent most of his early years in Denver, Colorado, he also lived in Mexico and Peru. Today Myers still travels, sometimes to research a book he is writing. A few years ago his daughter, now 12, accompanied him to Peru as he did research on the rain forest. In a few years he also hopes to travel with his son, now 8.

Myers says, "Sometimes writing a book is like figuring out a puzzle," and he doesn't always know how the book will end until he has finished writing it. "For instance," he says, "I knew that in Climb or Die, Jake and Danielle would make it to the top of Mount Remington; I just wasn't entirely sure what they would experience in getting there." Myers had to experiment as he wrote to see what would work in the story

Edward Myers has advice for students who like to write but don't like to write school assignments: "School assignments are important, so you need to finish them as well as possible. If you find the assignments restrictive, just write what you like in addition to the assignments. One of the most important things you can do is write on your own some of the time, without worrying about someone else (your teacher or editor, or whomever) judging or editing what you've written. Then you can really flex your muscles and see what you can do."

Edward Myers
You can learn more about Edward Myers at his Web site.

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