Meet the Illustrator

Scott Goto

Portrait of Scott Goto

After high school, Scott Goto set out to get a education in art, and he graduated from college (with honors) with a bachelor of fine arts degree. But he didn't stop there. He also learned how to teach art to secondary students, earning a bachelor of education degree as well.

In addition to illustrating children's books, Goto has created illustrations for advertisements and promotional materials. His work has also appeared in Guitar Player magazine and on the cover of This Week magazine.

Because Heat Wave is a tall tale, it's full of exaggerations. Look again at the illustrations for Heat Wave. What details does the artist include in the pictures to enhance the exaggerations in the story? Describe these details to a friend.

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Other Books Illustrated by Scott Goto

  • Shooting Star: Annie Oakley, the Legend
    (written by Debbie Dadey)
  • Will Rogers: Larger than Life
    (written by Debbie Dadey)
  • Shoeshine Whittaker
    (written by Helen Ketteman)