Meet the Photographer

Elizabeth Hathon

Portrait of Elizabeth Hathon

Elizabeth Hathon has won many awards for her photographs. She takes photos for ads and for magazine covers. She has also taken the pictures for more than twenty children's books. Taking photos of children is her special interest.

Go on a photo hunt! Look through books and magazines to find five photos that you think are great. Tag the pages to mark the photos you like. Then bring your photo finds to class. Show the photos to your classmates and tell why you think each photo is special.

Photography Credit


Other Books with Photographs by Elizabeth Hathon

  • I Am a Flower Girl
    (written by Wendy Cheyette Lewison)
  • Daddy and Me
    (written by Catherine Daly-Weir)
  • All About Cats and Kittens
    (written by Emily Neye)