Meet the Photographer

Kim Taylor

As a child, Kim Taylor loved nature. He explored the creeks, woods, and ponds near his home, turning over logs and stones to find the animals that live there.

Taylor's love of nature helped him become a wildlife photographer. His specialty is taking pictures of animals in action. But his subjects don't always cooperate. If he tries to get six beetles to climb up a finger and fly, Taylor says that "one will insist on walking downhill, others will walk round and round," and only one will be "the star performer" and zoom off.

  • Taylor builds his own camera equipment. With special camera shutters he can take photographs of bats drinking from a pond at night.
  • Taylor has traveled all over the world for his work. His favorite places are deserts, like the Namib Desert of southwestern Africa. He says: "The best time to be there is after it rains. Then the desert hums with the most wonderful life."

Other Books with Photographs by Kim Taylor

  • See How They Grow: Owl
    (written by Mary Ling)
  • Forest Life
    (written by Barbara Taylor)
  • Tree Life
    (written by Theresa Greenaway)
  • Meadow
    (written by Barbara Taylor)
  • Swamp Life
    (written by Theresa Greenaway)