Meet the Illustrator

Melinda Levine

Portrait of Melinda Levine

Kindergarten was a very special time for Melinda Levine. It was then, she says, that she first learned to create art using paper, glue, and scissors. The children had only one kind of paper to work with: construction paper from the classroom cupboard. Today, though, Melinda Levine makes collages from many different kinds of paper. It comes from all over the world. She has also used magazine pages, gift-wrap, and even gum and candy wrappers in her illustrations.

  • Working with cut paper can be messy. At night, Melinda Levine has to pick up hundreds of little paper scraps from the floor. She also has to get scraps out of her dog's tail!
  • Creating art from cut papers is an ancient craft. Melinda Levine takes pride in carrying on the work of cut-paper artists from places such as Mexico, China, and Eastern Europe.

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Other Books Illustrated by Melinda Levine

  • Fun with Hats
    (written by Lucy Malka)
  • The Jewish Holiday Craft Book
    (written by Kathy Ross)
  • Water for One, Water for Everyone: A Counting Book of African Animals
    (written by Stephen Swinburne)