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Elizabeth Mann

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Elizabeth Mann wrote her first children's book, The Brooklyn Bridge, the idea to publish it came from her husband, Stuart Waldman. As they talked more about the idea, Mann says, they began to ask themselves, "Why limit it to one book? Let's make it a series about the wonders of the world." To do this, the two of them created Mikaya Press. The press now publishes Mann's books as well as books by other authors.

Besides publishing her own books, Mann does something else a bit out of the ordinary. She uses children, including her son, as editors! "Using kids as editors is great," she says. "I tell them, 'Here's your pencil. Here's your printout. Put a G in the margin if it's good and a C if it's unclear.' It's very good feedback."

Elizabeth Mann believes that just like fiction books, nonfiction books should have a good story that readers can relate to. Her goal is to write and publish nonfiction that kids will read "not just for homework but for the sheer pleasure of it."

Elizabeth Mann
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  • The Brooklyn Bridge
    (illustrated by Alan Witschonke)
  • The Great Pyramid
    (illustrated by Laura Lo Turco)
  • The Panama Canal
    (illustrated by Fernando Rangel)
  • The Roman Colosseum
    (illustrated by Michael Racz)
  • Machu Picchu: The Story of the Amazing Inkas and Their City in the Clouds
    (illustrated by Amy Crehore)