Meet the Author/Illustrator

Elise Primavera

Portrait of Elise Primavera

As a young child, Elise Primavera used to get in trouble for drawing on her clothes. She began to get serious about art during the summer after fifth grade. That summer, to get over an illness, she had to stay in bed. She passed the time by working through some learn-to-draw books. Soon, though, she was out of bed and back to her first love — riding horses. Her goal was to ride in the Olympics.

After college, a visit to an art museum helped Elise Primavera choose to be an artist rather than a famous horseback rider. Today she works in a studio in her home, and she goes running instead of riding horses. She illustrates others' books as well as some she has written herself.

  • Night scenes, animals, people, snow, mountains, and creepy things are some of Elise Primavera's favorite things to draw.
  • Elise Primavera has this advice for young people who want to be artists: "Draw a lot and never worry about staying inside the lines!"

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Other Books Illustrated by Elise Primavera

  • Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise
    (written by Diane Stanley)
  • Hobie Hanson, You're Weird
    (written by Jamie Gilson)
  • Make Way for Sam Houston
    (written by Jean Fritz)
  • Moonlight Kite
    (written by Helen E. Buckley)

Other Books Written and Illustrated by Elise Primavera

  • Basil and Maggie