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Peggy Rathmann

Portrait of Peggy Rathmann

Today, Peggy Rathmann lives with her husband on a hilltop in San Francisco. She gets up early in the morning to work in her bright, tall studio. She says that she worries a lot about working too slowly: "It's a lot of work to make something that only takes about seven minutes to read…. It takes me years and years."

Peggy Rathmann enjoyed drawing as a child. Even after college, though, she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. Then she took a class to learn how to teach sign language to gorillas, and she realized that she'd rather draw pictures of them. It wasn't long before she began to take classes in illustrating and in writing for children.

Peggy Rathmann is one of five children in her family. The family dog, Skippy, gave her the idea for Officer Buckle and Gloria. At a family gathering, Skippy was caught on videotape licking every poached egg that was about to be served for breakfast. No one knew this, of course, until long after the eggs were eaten! Skippy also ate wallets and danced around with dirty diapers taken from a diaper pail.

Peggy Rathmann
Check out Peggy Rathmann's own Web site. There you can read more about her life and about how she became an author and illustrator.

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