Meet the Illustrator

Greg Ruhl

As an illustrator, Greg Ruhl has worked on many different kinds of projects. In addition to illustrating three books by Shelley Tanaka on historical topics, he has illustrated a book about exploring the moon, one about Columbus's journey to the Americas, and one about the harvest season. As if that weren't varied enough, he has also illustrated fiction books, including an adventure series and an illustrated version of the classic novel Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. Ruhl has also created many book covers for both adult and children's books.

Look again at the illustrations for Lost Temple of the Aztecs. How does the combination of photographs, drawings, and maps add to the text? Share your thoughts with a classmate.

Other Books Illustrated by Greg Ruhl

  • Little Women
    (written by GLouisa May Alcott)
  • Westward with Columbus: Set Sail on the Voyage That Changed the World
    (written by John Dyson; photographs by Peter Christopher)
  • We Celebrate the Harvest
    (written by Shelley Tanaka)
  • First on the Moon: What It Was Like When Man Landed on the Moon
    (written by Barbara Hehner)
  • Secrets of the Mummies: Uncovering the Bodies of Ancient Egyptians
    (written by Shelley Tanaka)
  • In the Time of the Knights: The Real-Life History of History's Greatest Knight
    (written by Shelley Tanaka)