Meet the Author/Photographer

Ellen B. Senisi

Portrait of Ellen B. Senisi

Ellen B. Senisi and her family live in Schenectady, New York. One day, her husband bought an expensive camera. He asked his wife to learn to use it because it had cost so much! After a while, she was hooked on taking photographs. She claims that she had caught the "photography disease."

Today, Ellen B. Senisi makes her living creating children's books. She says, "I feel that everything I've done to this point — traveling, teaching, writing, editing, photography, and parenting — comes together in the making of the books I create." When she shoots photos, she tries to become invisible. This lets her capture natural images of people and places.

  • Ellen B. Senisi lived in her hometown for her first eighteen years. Since then, she has lived in about thirty different places!
  • This author/photographer teaches creative workshops for kids. In one of them, kids use photos she has taken of them to create books about themselves.

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Other Books Written and with Photographs by Ellen B. Senisi

  • For My Family, Love, Allie
  • Just Kids: Visiting a Class for Children with Special Needs
  • Reading Grows