Meet the Illustrator

Gary Aagaard

Portrait of Gary Aagaard

As a child, Gary Aagaard didn't think about growing up to be an illustrator. Nevertheless, he "drew constantly," he recalls — that is, until he "discovered football and track." He retained his interest in art, however, and majored in sculpture in college. Next, he attended art school, and he has been making a living as an illustrator ever since.

Most of Aagaard's work has appeared in magazines and newspapers. However, he also did portraits of twelve African American writers that appeared on stamps in the African countries of Ghana and Uganda. He also illustrated the children's book Emily and the Ostriches, published in 1995.

Look again at the illustrations for My Side of the Mountain. What kind of brushstrokes do you think the artist used to create leaves, grass, fur, and other natural details?

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Other Books Illustrated by Gary Aagaard

  • Emily and the Ostriches
    (written by Dan Bernstein)