Meet the Illustrator

Rocco Baviera

Portrait of Rocco Baviera

"Everyone tried to discourage me," Rocco Baviera recalls about his decision to attend art school after high school. But Baviera didn't let other people's advice change his plans. After he got his art training, he began freelancing for magazines and advertising agencies. He first got widespread attention with a painting of a historic hockey goal scored in the 1972 Canada-USSR hockey series. In addition to his award-winning children's book illustrations, he has created a commemorative stamp for the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, Alberta, and artwork for the Grammy Awards magazine. He has been an illustrator for about 20 years.

Baviera likes to use a combination of techniques when he illustrates. In recent work, he has built three-dimensional structures, photographed them, and scanned the photographs into a computer. He then enhances the photographs using computer software. Baviera and his wife, the artist Colleen O'Hara, like to shop in flea markets to find objects that might work for their illustrations.

Rocco Baviera and his wife enjoy bouncing ideas off each other for the artwork they create separately. They also occasionally work together on art for CD covers and other projects. Is your own creativity strongest when you work alone or with another person? Share your thoughts with a friend.

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Other Books Illustrated by Rocco Baviera

  • Animal Dreaming: An Aboriginal Dreamtime Story
    (written by Paul Morin)
  • Dream Weaver
    (written by Jonathan London)
  • The Man Who Loved Buffalo
    (written by Joseph Bruchac)
  • The Song of the Buffalo
    (written by Joseph Bruchac)
  • First Painter
    (written by Kathryn Lasky)