Meet the Illustrator

Phil Boatwright

Portrait of Phil Boatwright

Phil Boatwright was born in Dallas, Texas. He was named outstanding artist at his high school and went on to receive a degree in art from East Texas State University. Since then he has worked as an artist across the country.

Boatwright's work has been featured in such magazines as National Geographic. He also has done commercial artwork in advertising and movies. He has won many awards for his work.

Phil Boatwright uses light and color in his illustrations to show different moods, actions, seasons, and times of day. Take another careful look at his illustrations and try to describe how he uses light and color to show what's happening in the story.

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Other Books Illustrated by Phil Boatwright

  • Mary, Did You Know?
    (written by Mark Lowry)
  • Nothing Here but Trees
    (written by Jean Van Leeuwen)
  • The Indescribable Gift
    (written by Richard Exley)