Meet the Illustrator

Annette Cable

Portrait of Annette Cable

Annette Cable works with different authors to illustrate their books. She has also drawn pictures for other books by Joan Sweeney. She has illustrated a book about time, a book about space, and a book about family trees!

Have you ever worked with a friend to make a book? Try it! One of you can write the words. The other one can draw the pictures. Publish your book by sharing it with others.

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Other Books Illustrated by Annette Cable

  • Me and My Amazing Body
    (written by Joan Sweeney)
  • Me and My Family Tree
    (written by Joan Sweeney)
  • Me and My Place in Space
    (written by Joan Sweeney)
  • Me Counting Time: From Seconds to Centuries
    (written by Joan Sweeney)