Meet the Illustrator

Robert Casilla

Portrait of Robert Casilla

Robert Casilla was born in New Jersey to parents from Puerto Rico. He always enjoyed school, especially drawing and painting. His formal training in art took place at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

According to Robert Casilla, children who might become artists shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes. "Mistakes help you learn and grow as an artist," he says. "Draw whatever you see and enjoy."

  • Robert Casilla loves sports. He says he wasn't very good at them when he was a child, and he was always picked last for teams. Now he likes to lift weights and to watch and play sports with his son. They collect baseball cards, too.
  • One reason Robert Casilla loves his work is "because I still have a bit of a kid in me." He enjoys visiting schools to talk about children's books because kids are such great audiences.

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Other Books Illustrated by Robert Casilla

  • Con Mi Hermano/With My Brother
    (written by Eileen Roe)
  • The Legend of Mexicatl
    (written by Jo Harper)
  • The Little Painter of Sabana Grande
    (written by Patricia Maloney Markun)
  • A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt
    (written by David A. Adler)
  • A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    (written by David A. Adler)