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Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan

Portrait of Jan GreenbergPortrait of Sandra Jordan

Jan Greenberg has been a writer since age ten, when she started keeping her first journals. These days, she writes novels about teenage life. She is also an art lover; she and her husband operate a gallery in St. Louis, Missouri, featuring contemporary American art. Her co-author, Sandra Jordan, is also an editor and a photographer.

Greenberg and Jordan have merged their mutual interests in writing and art in an acclaimed series of books for young people. They aim to help kids explore their reactions to art beyond their first impressions. "What you say after you say, 'I like it!' or 'I don't like it!' is what [our work] is all about," they say. Much of their writing focuses on past American artists, such as Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. However, they have also profiled living artists, such as Chuck Close and the architect Frank O. Gehry. For these books on living artists, part of their material comes from personal interviews with their subjects. They are currently working on a book about the painter Vincent van Gogh.

Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan's series of books about art for young people have reached a wide audience. Think of a friend or family member who shares some of the same interests you do. What could the two of you create that might be better than something either of you could create alone? Share your thoughts with a classmate.

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