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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Portrait of Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor says the hardest part of being a writer is focusing only on the book she is currently writing. She constantly comes up with new ideas and characters. Every time she gets a new book idea, she puts the title of the book on a three-ring binder. As she thinks up characters and scenes for that book, she jots them down in the notebook. She usually has about ten of these idea notebooks on her shelf while she is writing a book.

Naylor's children are grown and have families of their own. So many of her readers wonder how she stays in touch with kids' language and thoughts. "When I am out in public," she says, "I really pay attention…. I'm always listening. In a drugstore, wherever I'm shopping, I look at what kids are doing and listen to what they're talking about, how they wear their hair…. I really am thinking back to when I was that age, and I discover that feelings don't change at all over the years. You maybe have a different type of an embarrassing moment, but it's embarrassing just the same. I concentrate on feelings and relationships."

When asked how she spends her spare time, Naylor replies, "What spare time? If I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing. If you followed me around for a week, you would see me go on a three-mile walk every morning and swim every afternoon and sometimes play the piano, but all the while, I'm working out a plot in my head."

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
You can learn more about Phyllis Reynolds Naylor at her Web site.

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