Meet the Author

Wendy Pfeffer

Wendy Pfeffer has written more than twenty-four books. Most of them are about science and nature. She gets many of her ideas by looking and listening. The idea for What's It Like to be a Fish? came from hearing a boy say that someone in his class was "like a fish."

Pfeffer's father and grandfather helped to give her a love of words. The first story she wrote was her own version of Hansel and Gretel! Now she enjoys writing nonfiction and keeping a file of facts. She also enjoys visiting classes and talking about her work. "Writing," she says, "is a challenge and a joy."

  • Wendy Pfeffer pronounces her last name PEF-fer.
  • She has taught first grade and been the head of a nursery school.
  • She is a supporter of the Popcorn Park Zoo, which takes care of animals that no one else wants.

Other Books Written by Wendy Pfeffer

  • From Tadpole to Frog
    (illustrated by Holly Keller)
  • A Log's Life
    (illustrated by Robin Brickman)
  • Sounds All Around
    (illustrated by Holly Keller)
  • Popcorn Park Zoo: A Photo Essay
    (photographs by J. Gerard Smith)
  • The Creatures in White Series (Arctic Wolves, Mute Swans, Snowy Owls, and Polar Bears)