Meet the Author

Isidro Sanchez

Isidro Sanchez has written over fifty books in English and Spanish. Many of them are about animals, including bears, elephants, and sharks. Others are about sports — city and mountain sports, summer and winter sports.

Sanchez has also written books that teach children and adults how to draw. One of his book series teaches how to draw monsters, aliens, dinosaurs, and dragons!

  • A good drawing comes from a good picture in your mind. Try it! Think of an animal. Describe it to a friend without telling what it is. See if your friend draws the animal you were thinking of.

Other Books Written by Isidro Sanchez

  • The Farm
    (illustrated by Carmen Peris)
  • The Orchard
    (illustrated by Carmen Peris)
  • The Garden
    (illustrated by Carmen Peris)