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Jean Van Leeuwen

Portrait of Jean Van Leeuwen

As a child, Jean Van Leeuwen always had a book in her hands — when visiting, in the car, or even under her bed covers. She started to write her first book, a horse story, in the sixth grade. She didn't have a plan for the book, though, so she gave up on it after only a few chapters. It was a long time before she began to write children's stories again.

Jean Van Leeuwen often makes a rough plot outline before she starts writing a book. Then she plans the action. She says, "Most people don't realize how long it takes to complete a manuscript; some days I write only one page. I spent two days one week trying to figure out just one paragraph."

  • Jean Van Leeuwen works in her home in Chappaqua, New York. Her office used to be her children's playroom. Her hobbies are traveling, gardening, and reading.
  • When her children were young, she sometimes used them as "advisers." Her son once told her that a scene she had written about a school food fight wasn't disgusting enough. He suggested that she have the kids throw spaghetti with meat sauce and chocolate pudding.

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Van Leeuwen

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