Yo Wants to Know

“These shoes are getting too small,” says Mom.

“Shoes don't get small,” says Yo. “Feet get big.”

“They sure do,” says Mom. “When you were born, your feet were tiny, just like the rest of you.”

“But I grew fast,” says Yo.

“In this picture I'm bigger,” says Yo, “and I can sit up.”

“It wasn't long before you learned to crawl,” says Mom.

“Then, on your first birthday, you took your first steps.”

“Hey!” exclaims Yo. “My red car. Now I can hardly squeeze into it.”

“It was a perfect size when you were two,” says Mom.

“Find a picture where I'm three,” says Yo.

“Here's one,” says Mom. “You and Lips trying to skate.”

“And here you are last summer,” says Mom. “You're right, Yo. You do grow fast.”

“I think I'm going to grow and grow until I'm a giant,” says Yo.

“Oh dear,” says Mom, “then I'll have to find giant shoes.”

“Giant orange shoes,” says Yo.


  1. How has your body changed since your last birthday? And your birthday before that?
  2. How do you think your body will change in the next year?