Gifts of the Sun

The Sun is a marvelous star. It gives us heat and light. It causes our weather and seasons. The Sun gives us all the energy we need to live and grow on Earth.

The Sun evaporates water in streams and lakes and oceans to form clouds and bring rain.

When sunlight shines through raindrops, we see a beautiful rainbow.

In spring, the Sun warms our Earth and melts the snow and ice of winter.

The Sun's light makes plants grow. Green plants soak up energy from the Sun and turn it into food we can eat and flowers we can enjoy. When we eat fruits and vegetables, we soak up energy from the Sun, too!

Energy from the Sun can be used to warm our houses, heat our water, and produce electricity.

From millions of miles away, the Sun shines through the darkness to light up our world!


Electricity is a kind of energy. It makes lamps light up. Electricity also makes refrigerators, computers, and many other things work.

To change from a liquid to a gas.

A space object that makes its own light.

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  1. Name three reasons why the light from the Sun is important.
  2. Imagine that you lived on a planet that did not receive much sunlight. How would life be different? What would change? Write a sentence or two about how life would be different.