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comic book page about a contraption to make electricity with dog power.
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TEEGAN: Wow, what's this crazy contraption?

PERSIA AND AKANE: It's our latest invention!

TEEGAN: What's it supposed to do?

AKANE: Watch. You turn on the radio which wakes the squirrel.

PERSIA: The squirrel grabs the nut which pulls the rope which opens the trapdoor.

TEEGAN: I still don't get it.

AKANE: Wait, there's more. The weight lands on the teetertotter, and the ball bounces and tips the ramp. The roller skate rolls and kicks the bowling ball into the basket.


  • contraption: A mechanical device; a gadget.

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A mechanical device; a gadget.


  1. How is chemical energy part of this machine?
  2. Describe two places in which energy changes states from potential energy to kinetic energy. Describe how the kinetic energy is released.
  3. Think about whether or not this invention saves time or energy. Is this a good invention or a bad invention? Write a few sentences to explain your answer.