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  1. Count It
    This map shows the buildings in a town. Click on the picture of each building on the Map Key to find out where it is. How many houses are in the town? How many libraries?
  2. Explore It
    Look at the Map Key. How many different kinds of buildings are in the town?
  3. Think About It
    Is the library near to the school or far from the school? Is the library closer to the school or the police station?
Learn More About It

Towns are made up of all kinds of buildings. Some of the buildings are houses where people live. Some are buildings where people work. You can find most of the buildings on this map in your own town.
Check Your Answers
  1. There are 17 houses and 1 library in the town.
  2. There are 5 different kinds of buildings.
  3. The library is far from the school. The library is closer to the police station.