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  1. Follow It
    The map shows Marco Polo's famous journey. Click on the forward arrow to see Marco Polo's route. Which continents did he cross to reach Beijing?
  2. Name It
    What is one ocean Marco Polo sailed on during his journey?
  3. Measure It
    About how many miles did Marco Polo travel to get from Kashgar to Shangdu? Use the map scale to help you.
Learn More About It

Marco Polo traveled to lands where few Europeans had ever been. He crossed mountains, deserts, rivers, and seas on his long journey. With every day, he learned something new. When he returned home he wrote a book about his travels. He told about all the things he saw and all the people he met. Many people in Europe read his book. They were eager to learn about distant countries like China and India.
Check Your Answers
  1. Europe and Asia.
  2. The Indian Ocean.
  3. About 5,000 miles.