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    This map will help you learn more about major routes used by people on the Underground Railroad. Click on the routes listed in the Legend. Name three places outside of the United States where the routes end.
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    What may have been the shortest route for a person escaping slavery in Florida or Georgia?
  3. Follow It
    What cities would have been traveled through on the escape route from Columbia, South Carolina, to Montreal, Canada?
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Enslaved people had to make long, dangerous journeys to escape to freedom in the 1800s. With the help of people like Harriet Tubman, many were able to leave slavery behind by moving to places like Canada and Mexico. Getting there could take up to a year of difficult travel through unfamiliar land. Men, women, and children had to rely on strangers to guide them in order to gain their freedom. These strangers were part of a network of people called the Underground Railroad.
Check Your Answers
  1. Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and the Bahamas are all correct answers.
  2. One of the escape routes that ended in Cuba or the Bahamas.
  3. Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Portland