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Columbus Was an Explorer

Christopher Columbus lived a long time ago. He wanted to get to Asia by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Columbus Sailed

Columbus and his crew sailed on three ships. The ships were called the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. The trip was long and hard. At last they saw land! Columbus landed on an island in the Caribbean Sea. He named the island San Salvador.

Columbus Met New People

Columbus looked around. He saw plants and animals. He met the people who lived there. They were called the Taino (TIE-noh). Later, Columbus went to other places around the Caribbean Sea. Then he went back to Spain. Columbus told the people in Spain about all of the people and places he had seen.

See the Ship

Today people can see what the ship Santa Maria looked like. Boat builders made a ship that looks like the Santa Maria. It is as long as three school buses lined up end to end. It weighs as much as 16 school buses! The boat is in the city of Columbus, Ohio.