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A Constitution for Kids

Sometimes the way the U.S. government works can be difficult to understand for students. That might have something to do with the document the government is based on. That document is the U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution became the country's working plan in 1789. In it are the rules that explain how the government works. But there are a lot of rules, and many of them are not easy to understand.

A Students' Constitution

That's why Cathy Travis, who works for the government, created a student version of the Constitution. Travis wrote a book, Constitution Translated for Kids, that makes reading the Constitution as simple as saying “We the People.”

Travis said that different people have different ideas about what many parts of the Constitution actually mean. She tried hard to make sure that her book was accurate and fair.

The Constitution Is for Everyone

Travis said she got the idea to write the book during the 1992 presidential election. She became angry every time one of the candidates made statements about the Constitution that she thought were not true.

“The Constitution belongs to everyone. If you make [the Constitution] sound like the beliefs of one party or the other, you are doing a great disservice to everybody,” Travis said.