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Cold Comfort

In November 1929, Admiral Richard E. Byrd flew over the South Pole wearing layers of wool and fur to keep warm. If this U.S. explorer were making the same trip today, he might also take along a fleece jacket or two!

Fleece is a manufactured fabric that was invented in 1981. Many people wear fleece clothing in cold weather because of its warmth. According to Malden Mills—the first maker of fleece—the fabric is twice as warm as wool.

Plastic into Fleece

Here's something to make you warm all over: some fleece is made entirely from recycled plastic soda bottles! Recycling is a process that turns old materials into new products. Before the plastic bottles are turned into fleece, they are melted down into polyester yarn. Workers weave the yarn into fleece, which is used to make blankets, jackets, and other cloth items. It takes about 25 recycled bottles to make one fleece jacket.