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Samuel Adams 1722–1803
Revolutionary Writer and Leader

Patriot leader Samuel Adams was a soft-spoken man who wrote his ideas rather than speaking them. In the 1760s and 1770s, he wrote fiery articles for the Boston Gazette protesting British taxes. His articles helped bring people to the Patriot side in the growing conflict with Britain. Adams's skill with words also made him a leader of the Boston Committee of Correspondence. At the same time, he worked with the Sons of Liberty to organize street protests.

Samuel Adams was elected to the Massachusetts legislature and the First Continental Congress, where he wrote many official letters and resolutions. By 1775, he had moved from defending the colonists' rights to calling for independence. As a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, he signed the Declaration of Independence. For his role in gaining American independence, Thomas Jefferson called him “the Man of the revolution.”

Comprehension Check

In what way did Samuel Adams make his Patriot views known?

Critical Thinking

Was Samuel Adams important to the cause of American independence? Explain your answer.