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Joseph Bruchac 1942–
American Indian Writer and Storyteller

Ancient American Indian myths and legends come alive in the stories of Joseph Bruchac. As an Abenaki (A buh NA kee) teenager in New York, Bruchac became interested in American Indian traditions. When he grew up, he collected traditional tales from older Abenaki people to tell to his children. He has gone on to share these tales with the children of the world.

Bruchac has retold many American Indian myths, legends, and folktales in his books and storytelling. He has also created his own original tales. His award-winning stories and poems celebrate nature, community, and the richness of different American Indian cultures. Bruchac says he loves to share these stories because they entertain readers while teaching important lessons about the world.

Comprehension Check

What kind of writing does Joseph Bruchac do?

Critical Thinking

What caused Joseph Bruchac to be interested in telling traditional American Indian tales?