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Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.) 1924–
39th President of the United States

Over the years, Jimmy Carter has served his country in many different ways. Raised in Plains, Georgia, Carter served in the military on a navy submarine during World War II. He was Governor of Georgia. And, of course, he led the nation as President from 1977 to 1981.

Carter became President during hard economic times. Inflation and unemployment were high. Carter created the Education and Energy departments to make the government more efficient. He signed laws protecting the environment. He brought about a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. Carter, however, could not solve the country's economic problems. Voters lost confidence in him and did not reelect him.

In 1982, Carter started an organization called the Carter Center. The Carter Center works for peace, human rights, and democracy around the world. As head of the Center, Carter visits other countries to make sure elections are held fairly. He helps other countries find peaceful solutions to violent conflicts. He also volunteers his time to help build houses for people who cannot afford to buy them. In 2002, Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Comprehension Check

Carter helped bring about a peace treaty between which two countries?

Critical Thinking

What do you think is Carter's greatest accomplishment? Explain your answer.