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Condoleezza Rice 1954–
Secretary of State

In January 2005, Condoleezza Rice was appointed Secretary of State by President George W. Bush. She is the first African American woman to hold this high position.

As Secretary of State, Rice talks to leaders of other nations. She gives the President advice about foreign policy. It is a job that takes confidence. Rice says her parents first gave her the confidence to succeed. They set high standards and taught her the importance of doing well in school.

Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, Rice took piano lessons from her mother. She planned to become a professional pianist. In college, though, she met a teacher who sparked her interest in international politics. She switched from studying music to political science. After finishing her education, Rice became a professor of political science before joining the government.

Rice brings an in-depth knowledge of international affairs to her job. And she is both a trusted adviser and a loyal friend to the President.

Comprehension Check

Which of the following is one of Rice's jobs as Secretary of State?

Critical Thinking

What character traits does Rice bring to her job as Secretary of State?