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Lorenzo de Zavala 1788–1836
Helped Lead Texas to Independence

Lorenzo de Zavala was a political leader who helped Texas gain independence from Mexico. Zavala was born and grew up in Mexico. He supported Mexican independence from Spain. When Mexico became independent, Zavala helped lead the new government. Zavala believed in and worked for democracy. Under President Santa Anna, however, the government became less democratic. Zavala spoke out against Santa Anna. In 1835, Zavala moved to Texas, which was part of Mexico.

A number of people in Texas wanted independence from Mexico. In 1836, Zavala signed the Texas declaration of independence. As an experienced government leader, he helped write the Texas constitution. Zavala was also elected vice-president of the temporary government of the new republic. Although Zavala's time in Texas was short, he made important contributions to the independence of Texas.

Comprehension Check

Why did Zavala oppose Mexico's President Santa Anna?

Critical Thinking

In what ways was Zavala similar to the patriots of the American Revolution?