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We Are the Melting Pot!

The United States is sometimes called a melting pot. It got this nickname because different kinds of people from all over the world have moved here to live. Like ingredients in a big pot, they come together to form a single nation.

A recent government report says more people from Latin American and Asian countries are living in the United States than ever before. Every 10 years, the United States Census Bureau counts all the people who live in this country.

Its most recent report shows that about 280 million people live in this country. Of those, 11 million are from Asia and about 31 million are from Latin America. Latin America includes the countries south of the United States in Central and South America, such as Mexico.

Coming from Far Away

People emigrate, or move, from their homeland to another country for many reasons. Some people leave their homeland to join family members who have already moved. Other people emigrate when life in their homeland becomes too hard or dangerous. The Census Bureau says that the main reason people emigrate to the United States is to start a new life.