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Saving the Animals

Most schools have bake sales, and most bake sales help raise money for trips or special projects. Student Julie O'Connor and her classmates decided to raise money for a different cause.

These New York City students raised money from a bake sale to help the animals at the Kabul Zoo in Kabul, Afghanistan. “The kids were excited to help the zoo's animals,” O'Connor said, adding that they raised $266 from the sale.

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan, which has suffered from years of war. Several of the zoo's buildings were destroyed, and much of the animal's living areas were damaged. Many animals at the zoo and in the city died or were injured during the years of fighting.

Traveling to Kabul

In 2004, an international group of zoos, led by the North Carolina Zoo, raised more than $500,000 for the animals of Kabul. Since then, teams of scientists and veterinarians have traveled to Kabul, bringing food, medicine, and supplies to help the animals.

The team members repaired the zoo's cages and pens. They also treated injured zoo animals, including monkeys, antelopes, gazelles, and a black bear.

After finishing at the zoo, the team members helped some of the animals owned by people in Kabul. They treated horses, mules, sheep, rabbits, and oxen, for example. Many Kabul residents depend on animals for work and food.

The people of Kabul are thankful that the students and others are helping the zoo animals. “The reality is that they're proud of the zoo, and they want to rebuild it. And we will help them,” said one of the team members.