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Idaho Tribute to Anne Frank

I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.
—Anne Frank

Idaho is far from the Netherlands, but the residents of the Gem State recently dedicated a memorial to Anne Frank, the teenager whose courageous story of the Holocaust has inspired millions over the years.

Idaho residents built the memorial after students visited the “Anne Frank and the World” traveling exhibit in 1995. The exhibit told the story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who wrote a diary detailing her two years in hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust. Nazi Germany murdered millions of people, including about six million Jews, during World War II (1939–1945).

Forty-four Idaho schools donated to the $1.5 million Anne Frank memorial located in Boise. The centerpiece of the memorial is a six-foot-tall bronze statue depicting the teen standing on a ladder-back chair. She draws back a curtain and looks through the window of her hideout, while holding the diary.

Frank was born in Germany but fled to the Netherlands with her family. In 1944, German police found her and seven others in their secret apartment in Amsterdam. A year later, she died in a concentration camp. Only her father survived the war.

The memorial touched one student, Nicki Olivier, age 15, from Boise. “You read about people who have suffered more than any one of us and think the world is a terrible place,” she said. “Then you read a quote that is uplifting, and you think maybe not.”