Meet the Photographer

Joel Benjamin

Portrait of Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts, where he has a photography studio. His work as a photographer has taken him from department stores and advertising to children's books. One of his book series is called "Grandmothers at Work." For these books, Benjamin took pictures of famous grandmothers, including a judge, a U.S. Senator, and a deep-sea diver.

If you would like to try photography as a hobby, Benjamin recommends taking pictures of everyday life, family members, and pets. Then make a book of all the pictures.

  • Benjamin has been taking pictures for over twenty years.
  • He has also co-written a musical play!

Photography Credit


Other Books Written and with Photographs by Joel Benjamin

  • Meet my Grandmother: She's a Supreme Court Justice
  • Meet my Grandmother: She's a United States Senator
  • Meet my Grandmother: She's a Deep-Sea Diver
  • Meet my Grandmother: She's a Children's Book Author