Meet the Photographer

Nic Bishop

Portrait of Nic Bishop

Nic Bishop, like his friend Joy Cowley, grew up in New Zealand. Now he lives in the state of Massachusetts with his wife and a number of animals. One of them is a flying squirrel named Amelia.

Nic Bishop is a nature photographer. He has taken the photographs for more than twenty children's books. He wrote some of those books, too! In his book, The Secrets of Animal Flight, Bishop uses stop-motion. It shows each small motion that a bird makes when it flies. As a photographer and writer, Bishop likes to use details to tell the story. Someone wrote that he doesn't "try to make science interesting; Bishop knows it's already interesting, and just lets readers at it."

Photography Credit


Other Books with Photographs by Nic Bishop

  • The Secrets of Animal Flight
    (written by Nic Bishop)
  • Digging for Bird-Dinosaurs: An Expedition to Madagascar
    (written by Nic Bishop)
  • The Snake Scientist
    (written by Sy Montgomery) )