Meet the Illustrator

Joe Cepeda

Portrait of Joe Cepeda

Joe Cepeda grew up in East Los Angeles, California. At first, he studied to be an engineer. He went back to college later to study art. He has done illustrations for magazines as well as for children's books. Joe Cepeda thinks that children who want to be artists or illustrators should read a lot and study math.

How might different styles of mustaches change a man's looks? Try this to find out. First, draw a picture of a man's face. Leave room on his upper lip for a mustache, but don't draw the mustache. Then get another piece of paper. On it, draw a few different mustaches — maybe a big droopy one, a small thin one, a curly one, a straight one, and a pointy one. Cut out the mustaches and try them on the man's face. Which one looks best? Which one is silliest? Share your artwork with your friends.

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Other Books Illustrated by Joe Cepeda

  • Koi and the Kola Nuts: A Tale from Liberia
    (written byVerna Aardema)
  • Gracias: The Thanksgiving Turkey
    (written by Joy Cowley)
  • Pumpkin Fiesta
    (written by Caryn Yacowitz)
  • The Old Man & His Door
    (written by Gary Soto)